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Lumberton, NC, us
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I am a married, stay at home mom to three sons and I also take care of my disabled mother. I was born and raised in the North, Baltimore City Maryland and moved to the South, North Carolina in 1999. Love it here though. I love to be outdoors in the sunshine. I'm a very avid reader. I'm a Christian, I love the Lord. I quit marijuana in 2003. I quit drinking a long time before that? Except I wasn't an alcoholic, I can have a drink or two once or twice a year, the addiction isn't there like it was with marijuana (my prefered buzz) and cigarettes (my relaxation-past tense-grin) Oh boy so I thought I'd join and maybe check it out and see if I can find help here esp when things are rough as I know they will be and maybe some day I can inspire someone else. Thanks for having me! My homepage: http://community-2.webtv.net/ROXANN28/ROXYSROOM/ A little outdated but whoop there it is (grin) Good luck everyone and God bless (((hugz)))

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